Coyote’s Howl Sept 21 – 25

Dear Parents and Families,

Don’t forget that Monday morning is photo-day. We look forward to seeing everyone’s smiles. Please see the video below from our photo company regarding their COVID precations.



Teachers will be hard at work on Sept 25. We love your kids, but please don’t send them to school that day.


Our Terry Fox run will look a bit different this year. Unfortunately, we are not able to do our school-wide run down to the dyke, like in past years. In place of that, there will be small mini Terry Fox runs during PE classes from Sept 29 to Oct 1.

Students are encouraged to bring a “Twoonie for Terry”. All donations will go to the Terry Fox Foundation.


We were supposed to have an Open House on Wednesday, Sept 23. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to host this event. Instead, teachers will reach out to parents in some way to introduce themselves (if they haven’t done so already).


Orange shirt day is Sept 30th. Please encourage your child to wear orange that day. If you need more information about Orange Shirt Day or would like to read Phyllis’s Story please visit


As you know, we are staggering recess and lunch. Please see the groupings and schedule below.

GROUP A = Klassen, Calder, Churko, Zahn, Kent/Ohs, Lamba

GROUP B = Cotter, Emes/McCue-Davies, S. Hardy, M. Hardy, Hansen, West-Sells


8:45 – First Bell

8:50 – Classes start

10:25 to 10:40 – RECESS GROUP A

10:45 to 11:00 – RECESS GROUP B

12:00 to 12:40 – PLAYTIME FOR GROUP A

12:40 to 12:55 – EATING TIME FOR BOTH GROUPS A and B

12:55 to 1:35 – PLAYTIME FOR GROUP B



Please make sure that you check that school lunches, snacks and other items your child may need for school are packed before the start of the day, as parents will no longer be able to drop off forgotten items.


Going home for lunch is also highly discouraged as we want to limit traffic in and out of the building as much as possible. Of course, we recognize that there will be occasions/circumstances when this is unavoidable and the school will work with families when such situations come up. In such scenarios please plan around their assigned lunch times.


Our school doors (including the front doors) will be locked throughout the day. This in efforts to limit the number of people in the building. Parents are asked to call Mrs. Adam on the phone if they have a question.


As you know, kids will see adults wearing masks at many times during the day. Kids are welcome to wear masks as well. We are a mask friendly zone. 


Here are some ways you can help us stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Do the daily health check and keep kids home when they are sick
  • Try to drop-off and pick up as close to the bell as possible
  • Leave the school grounds after-school and after drop-off as fast as possible (avoid congregating)
  • Continue to work with your kids about COVID precautions and help practice things like social distancing and cleanliness



  • Monday, Sept 21 – Picture Day
  • Friday, Sept 25 – Non-Instructional Day
  • Sept 29 – Oct 1 – Mini-Terry Fox Runs
  • Wednesday, Sept 30 – Orange Shirt Day 
  • Wednesday, Sept 30 – Socially Distanced PAC Meeting, Outside at the Ampha Theatre at 6:30
  • Wednesday, Oct 7 – Previews go home