Return to School January 10th

Dear Parents and Families,

Happy New Year. Thank you for your patience and understanding this week. As you know the school has been working hard this week to plan for students on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing your kids again to start the new term.

While we are all very aware of Covid-19, we now need to be aware of the Omicron Variant. We need to work together to make our school as safe as possible for everyone. What we know about the Omicron Variant comes from the BCCDC who has been collaborating with global public health and industry partners to learn about Omicron, and continue to monitor its course. We know it is a more contagious variant of Covid-19 that spreads quickly and more easily than the original Covid-19 virus. BCCDC informs that anyone with the Omicron infection can spread the virus to others, even if they are vaccinated or don’t have symptoms.

Over the past week, our staff has worked to review our current procedures and develop plans to implement the enhanced health and safety measures announced by the Provincial Health Officer on December 29th. In order for everyone to be safe at school, we will need your help and support in several areas.

Daily Health Checks

The best way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading is to stay home when ill. Please continue to complete a daily health check with your child before sending them to school.

Link to Health Check:


Have your child stay home when they are sick (even if they are just a little bit sick)

  • We need to be extra careful during these times. Please keep your child home when they are showing any signs of symptoms.
  • Please know that teachers and staff have also been directed to stay home if they show any signs of illness. We expect that teachers and staff will be away more often. Before the pandemic, many staff members (myself included) would “soldier on” and come to school if they were feeling a little ill. Please know that staff have been directed to stay home when they feel any symptoms at all. 
  • If your child is ill please contact the school to report an absence. It would help us tremendously if you indicate that your child is away due to illness. We are specifically trying to monitor illnesses at a school and district level.

Properly wearing a mask that fits

  • We are learning that a key factor in regards to effective mask-wearing is making sure that it fits properly and that it is worn correctly.
  • Please send your child with at least 3 clean properly fitting masks every day.
  • We do have a supply of masks for those who need them but we are asking parents to be extra vigilant since we can’t guarantee that our masks will fit your child properly. Our supply is also limited and we need parents to work with their children to pack the proper amount of good-fitting masks.


Water Bottles

We are hoping that parents will be able to remind or pack the students with water bottles daily. In the past, we have provided disposable water cups for students to use, but this is not sustainable or good for the environment.


Dress Warmly

Expect that whenever possible, teachers will consider conducting lessons outside. Windows will also be open to promote ventilation.


Undercover Area

We are asking parents not to enter the undercover area. This will allow students and staff to have more space to enter the building.


Pick up and Drop off 

We also ask parents and families to arrive as close to the bell as possible. We want to avoid crowding and gathering. Please leave the grounds as soon as your child is dropped off or picked up. Again, please be respectful of students trying to line up and staff who are helping students enter the building and give them plenty of space.


Foaming Handsoap and Sanitizer

A few years ago at the start of the pandemic, many parents were able to help us by sending their child with a bottle of foaming hand soap and sanitizer. We would greatly appreciate it if families can do this again for us.


Other Enhanced Measures

Teachers have been working hard to prepare for many enhanced safety measures. Some of the measures include spacing out work stations, minimizing the crossing of airstreams and limiting occupancy numbers in certain rooms in the school. Please also know that at this time, we are not allowing visitors in the school and Fun Lunches and Field Trips will be placed on pause.



We truly appreciate your help and support!



Mark Douangchanh

Principal, Beach Grove Elementary