Last Coyote’s Howl of the Year

Dear Parents and Families,

I know it’s been said countless times, but this has definitely been a strange year.

I want to thank you for your patience with us. I know it’s not been easy and that some of us were luckier than others during this pandemic. I know we missed out on field trips, hot lunches, celebrations and other fun activities that usually create wonderful school memories. In the end though, please know that we tried to make it as fun and memorable as possible while always keeping safety at the forefront. Covid guidelines were always on our minds and often trumped ideas that we wanted to pursue as we tried to figure things out as we went.

I am hoping for a more “normal” school year in September. I am looking forward to the day where hi-fives, school assemblies, presentations, field trips, and parents volunteering come back. I can’t say that I know for certain what September will look like, but I am hopeful and optimistic. Although I am wishing for a world without covid, I am also wishing for a world that will continue to be “kind, calm and safe”. I hope that the summer allows you and your family to recharge and come back for an amazing school year in September.



Mark Douangchanh



With the potential for record-breaking hot weather in the forecast and only a few days of school left, I’d like to share some of the ways to reduce the risk of heat stress and stay comfortable with COVID-19 safety in mind.

Please note that fans in district buildings cannot blow directly on people, as per pandemic-related precautions. Kindly note the following advice, which we’d be most appreciative if families could discuss with their children:

  • drink plenty of water to stay hydrated – refilling stations for water bottles are accessible at school,
  • dress appropriately for the heat, such as by wearing light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabric like cotton,
  • bring a hat to wear outdoors,
  • come to school with sunscreen, and
  • reduce physical activity levels indoors and out – where possible make use of shade when outside.

You may also find this additional information of interest from the BC Centre for Disease Control regarding warm weather safety in a time of COVID-19:

This is a reminder that our BIGGEST order incentive for parents is coming up on June 30th, 2021.

If you haven’t already done so, or if you would like to remind parents again of the $1000.00 Grocery Card* to be won when they order by or on June 30, 2021, that would be wonderful.

  Please note that parents can of course order anytime throughout the summer.

supply lists are available at

and on our school site at

Our Kindergarten Teachers will be sending home some information to our new kindergarten students on Monday, but we thought we would include a preview with some videos they prepared. Please click the links below.

Kindergarten Video 1

Kindergarten Video 2

Kindergarten Video 3

You can also see the videos on TikTok via @bgcoyotesquad

  • Monday, June 28 – Grade 7 Recognition (via emailed schedule)
  • Tuesday, June 29 – Last Day for Students, DISMISSAL AT 10:25
  • Tuesday, June 29 – Report Cards Available Online