Coyote’s Howl Oct 5 – 9

Dear Parents and Families,

Oct 5 is World Teachers Day. Please help us acknowledge the hard work our teachers put in every day by encouraging your kids to thank them some-time during the day.


Please help us remind your kids to “Walk their Wheels” when on the school grounds. Kids are often a bit over-confident about their riding skills and we are noticing that kids are riding with some great speed. We are hoping to avoid collisions with pedestrians.


The school district is hosting a presentation for families on substance use prevention, addiction and recovery by Guy Felicella on Thursday, October 8 from 6:30 – 8pm. Please visit our district website for more information.


Just a reminder we are trying to also limit traffic and parking on Braid. We acknowledge that parents can often feel rushed and stressed during drop-off and pick-up times, but your efforts will help keep everyone safe.

You can also download the FULL PDF MAP of our safe walk routes below.

Safe Map to School Route



As we mentioned last week, If possible please leave your dogs at home during drop-off and pick-up times. Please note that there are children at our school (and even adults) who have a phobia towards dogs. Unfortunately, such phobias are present despite the size or breed of the dog. In past years we’ve even had incidences where dogs have been aggressive towards students. If you feel that you must bring your dog to school during drop-off and pick-up times, please tie/leash your dog along the front fence. Please do not tie them up at the bike racks since many students travel through that area during activity breaks.

Dogs should never be past the fenced area near at any time. We are finding that despite good intentions by dog owners, we are still finding dog-poo on our grounds. This, of course, is of great concern as kids often step in it during recess and lunch. Please help us by spreading the word to your neighbours as well. We also encourage the use of the dog park as opposed to our school field/school grounds. 


Here are some ways you can help us stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Do the daily health check and keep kids home when they are sick
  • Try to drop-off and pick up as close to the bell as possible
  • Leave the school grounds after-school and after drop-off as fast as possible (avoid congregating)
  • Continue to work with your kids about COVID precautions and help practice things like social distancing and cleanliness



  • Wednesday, Oct 7 – Previews go home 
  • Monday, Oct 12 – Thanksgiving Holiday