Coyote’s Howl Oct 25 – 29

Dear Parents and Families,

Over the last few weeks, we have been asking our families to take the time to think about whether or not their child’s costume is school-appropriate. One of the things we asked families to do was to make sure that costumes did not depict a culture that wasn’t theirs. I came across this video and I felt it helped explain why this is important. Some parents may have already seen it, but I would encourage parents to view it if they haven’t


Please also remember that costumes inspired by traumatic events in history, someone’s mental health or sexual orientation should also be avoided. Costumes that have anything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic are also not appropriate for school.

Other than that, please remember that…

  • costumes should not be too scary
  • toy weapons should be kept at home
  • students should bring an extra set of clothes just in case their teacher would like them to change sometime during the day

A reminder that similar to last Halloween, students will participate in a virtual assembly where students will get to see each other’s costumes with the help of modern technology. Students are encouraged to wear their costumes to school on the morning of October 29th.

It is suggested that students bring a change of clothes to school in case their teacher would like them to change out of their costume after the virtual assembly.




Don’t forget to mention you’re from Beach Grove Elementary next time you’re at our local Cobs! They’ll give a portion of the sales to the school!




Our Grade 7 Leadership Group has organized a Guess the Jar contest. Students should listen for more information this week. Check out the short video below to get a glimpse of the jar!


Volleyball will be starting soon for gr. 6s and 7s. Please note that at this time, sports will be in-house and students will not be playing other schools. Students should see Ms. Klassen and Ms. M. Hardy for more information.



Please remember to keep your child home if they are ill and refer to the daily Health Check.


  • Monday, Oct 25 – UBC Student Teachers begin their short practicums
  • Monday, Oct 25 – PAC Pumpkin Patch Day (Suggested donation $3)
  • Monday, Oct 25 – Wear Plaid Day 
  • Tuesday, Oct 26 – Leadership Club at Lunch
  • Tuesday, Oct 26 – Grade 6 Volleyball at lunch
  • Wednesday, Oct 27 – DPA Walk Div. 1 and 2
  • Thursday, Oct 28 – Grade 7 Volleyball at lunch
  • Friday, Oct 29 – Student Halloween Celebration at 9:00 am
  • Friday, Oct 29 – Pizza Day