Coyote’s Howl March 2 – 6

Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for your support during Kindness Month and our Pink Shirt Day. We can always get better at being kind and together we will work on it each and every day.



We need your help! We are noticing a higher number of parents and family members on our school grounds during recess and lunch. This causes confusion to both students and staff since we teach students to seek help from staff members, who can be properly identified with staff ID and a high-vis vest (we do not want students seeking help from just any adult that they see on the school grounds). Staff have been asked to direct other adults that they see on the grounds during recess and lunch to either leave or seek assistance from the office. Please note that this is for the safety of both students and staff. 

If you need to drop something off to your child please always check in at the office and avoid the times below. 

In the odd time that something has come up and the times listed above are unavoidable, please check-in at the office to have a staff member assist you in finding your child. 



Ms. Lamba’s Class



Ways to Stay Healthy

By Division 11

  1. Wash your hands a lot
  2. Eat healthy foods
  3. Take medicine when you need it
  4. Eat less treats and more healthy foods
  5. Brush your teeth
  6. Stay clean
  7. Wear warm clothes (especially outside)
  8. Keep your jacket on outside
  9. Give people personal space
  10. Stay home and rest if you are sick



Just a reminder of the email sent out earlier regarding parent input for our student learning survey.

Student Learning Survey (SLS)



The teachers and staff had a great Pro-D day on Friday that was full of learning. Some teachers attended workshops put on by the school district while others attended workshops put on by our very own Pro-D Committee here at our school. I am thankful to work with such an amazing group of educators.



  • Monday, March 2 – Grade 7 Basketball Practice at lunch
  • Wednesday, March 4 – Grade 7 Basketball Practice at lunch
  • Thursday, March 5 – Div. 10 to Delta Gymnastics
  • Thursday, March 5 – Grade 6 Basketball Practice
  • Thursday, March 5 – Grade 6 BBALL South Park at BG
  • Friday, March 6 – Div. 4 to “Oliver”
  • Friday, March 6 – PAC FUN LUNCH (HOT DOG)
  • Monday, March 9 – Div. 11 to Little Campbell Hatchery
  • Monday, March 9 – Div. 12 to Delta gymnastics
  • Monday, March 9 – Grade 7 Basketball Practice at Lunch
  • Monday, March 9 – Div. 12 to Delta Gymnastics
  • Monday, March 9 – Hoop Shoot Finals at SDSS
  • Tuesday, March 10 – Heritage Fair
  • Tuesday, March 10 – Grade 7 BBALL Cliff Drive at BG
  • Thursday, March 12 – Grade 6 Basketball Practice at Lunch
  • Thursday, March 12 – Grade 6 BBALL BG at Cliff Drive
  • Friday, March 13 – Div 3 walk to Kinsmen at 12pm
  • Friday, March 13 – St. Patrick’s Day Dance Performance Assembly
  • March 14 to 29 – SPRING BREAK