Coyote’s Howl Jan 24 – 28

Dear Parents and Families,

As stated last week, we are trying our very best to keep everyone safe so that we can eventually get back to what we all remember as a “normal” school year. We are encouraging all our families to have all eligible members of their house vaccinated. Vaccinations are safe, highly effective, and the single most important preventative measure a person can take to protect themselves, their families and others from COVID-19.

Again, we encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. As you probably know…a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine is now available for children aged 5 – 11 and as of January 11, 2022, only 49% of children aged 5-11 in Delta had received their first dose. The pediatric COVID19 vaccine directly protects children and will mean less disruption to the activities that are important to them, such as sports, social events and of course school. To learn more about the vaccine for children and register your child for dose 1, please visit:

We appreciate all your support and thank you for helping make sure your child has masks that fit properly and for helping them remember their water bottle. We also thank you for keeping your children home when they’ve been sick.



Beach Grove PAC & West Coast Seeds

40% of all seeds ordered on the fundraising site 

will go back to the PAC

To order go to:

The seeds will arrive at the school around February 25th.





  • Monday, Jan 24 – BC Lions Virtual Assembly at 9:15
  • Tuesday, Jan 25 – Div. 1 and 2 Dyke Walk
  • Tuesday, Jan 25 – Div. 4 Port of Vancouver Virtual Field Trip
  • Tuesday, Jan 25 – Grade 7 Leadership Club at Lunch
  • Wednesday, Jan 26 – Previews sent home 
  • Wednesday, Jan 26 – DPA Walk Div 1 and 2
  • Friday, Jan 28 – Non – Instructional Day 
  • Tuesday, Feb 1 – Div. 1 and 2 Dyke Walk
  • Tuesday, Feb 1 – Grade 7 Leadership Club at Lunch
  • Wednesday, Feb 2 – DPA Walk Div. 1 and 2
  • Friday, Feb 4 – DPA Walk Div 1 and 2