Coyote’s Howl Jan 13 – 17

Dear Parents and Families,

With the potential snow and colder temperatures over the next little while, we ask that you help your child dress appropriately for the weather. In many cases, having your child have an extra change of clothes at school might be worth considering.

Please note that every effort to keep schools open will be taken. In the event of a weather related school closure, every effort to update information on our website and via email will be taken. During wintery conditions, please take extra care coming to and from school.

Please help us remind students that throwing of snow is not allowed at any Delta School. Students are welcome to participate in making snowmen and snow angels etc…, but for safety reasons there should not be any throwing of snow. 


Again, just a reminder that we are asking parents to keep Braid as a walking street only. We are especially trying to avoid cars from turn left onto 17a from Braid.







Just a reminder that if you ever have any questions about your child’s education to never hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. Teachers are always willing to answer questions and they would be happy to communicate by phone, email or in person by appointment.



Please make note of our upcoming PRO D Day. Teachers will be hard at work, learning how to get better for your kids. So as much as we love your children, please don’t forget to keep them home on January, 24th.


  • Tuesday, Jan 14 – Div 1, 2, 7 and 8 to Museum of Vancouver
  • Thursday, Jan 16 – Div 10 to Delta Gymnastics
  • Friday, Jan 17 – PAC Fun Lunch
  • Thursday, Jan 23 – Div 9 to Delta Gymnastics
  • Friday, Jan 24 – PRO D DAY