Coyote’s Howl Dec 9 – 13

Hi Parents and Families,

Just a short Coyote’s Howl this week.

Tickets for the Christmas Concert will be sent home by Friday. Please note that doors will open promptly 30 min before each show.

Parents will enter through the front office doors for the matinee and both parents and students will enter through the front office doors for the evening performance. Students will head to their classrooms when the doors open and parents will head to the gym.



If possible please leave your dogs at home during drop-off and pick-up times. Please note that there are children at our school (and even adults) who have a phobia towards dogs. Unfortunately such phobias are present despite the size of the dog. We’ve even had incidences where dogs have been aggressive towards students. If you feel that you must bring your dog to school during drop-off and pick-up times, please tie/leash your dog along the front fence. Please do not tie them up at the bike racks since many students travel through that area during activity breaks.

Dogs should never be past the fenced area near at any time. We are finding that despite good intentions by dog owners, we are still finding dog-poo on our grounds. This of course, is of great concern as kids often step in it during recess and lunch. Please help us by spreading the word to your neighbours as well. We also encourage the use of the dog park as opposed to our school field/school grounds. 



As we approach the holiday season, we are mindful of those families who are less fortunate than ourselves. Students are asked to bring in donations of canned and packaged food items to help our local food bank replenish their shelves. Cash donations are very welcome as well as they as used to purchase fresh vegetables, fruits and other perishable items. To encourage donations and friendly competition, items will be counted each day, with the class bringing in the most donations being awarded a pizza party. To encourage a variety of donations and to teach students financial literacy, items will be awarded points (a can of salmon will be worth a lot more points than a package of Mr. Noodles!) Thank you very much for your support of this very important project as we teach our students to think beyond themselves and into their community.



  • Monday, Dec 9 – Div. 9 and 10 to Burnaby Village Museum at 9:00am
  • Thursday, Dec 12 – Last Day to buy Raffle Tickets
  • Thursday, Dec 12 – Div. 7 and 8 to skating at 9:10am
  • Friday, Dec 13 – PAC Fun Lunch
  • Wednesday, Dec 18 – Matinee Christmas Concert at 1:45 (Doors open at 1:15)
  • Wednesday, Dec 18 – Evening Christmas Concert at 6:00 (Doors open at 5:30)
  • Dec 21- Dec 5 – WINTER HOLIDAYS!!!