Beach Grove Parade Friday, May 8 @1:30

Parade Invite FULL PDF FILE

Dear Parents and Families, 

The teachers and staff here at Beach Grove Elementary and Sandpiper Preschool are missing you tremendously. For all of us, seeing kids everyday was just a normal part of our lives. In order to remind ourselves of the many smiles we were used to seeing each day, we have arranged a parade that will happen on Friday, May 8 starting at 1:30. We are also lucky enough to have obtained the assistance of the Delta Fire Department and the Delta Police who will be helping us travel the parade route (unless they get called away for an emergency). We hope you are able to attend and wave from a safe distance. If possible, from your window, yard or driveway. 

Please know that unfortunately, it was impossible to pick a time and day where every single staff member will be able to make it. We had to go with the date and time that worked with our Fire Department, Delta Police and most of our staff. 

If you are able to attend the parade, parents and families can help us help us by…

  • If possible, waving at us from a safe social distance from your window, yard or driveway. 
  • If your home is not directly on the route, please choose a spot on the route that’s closest to you while practicing safe social distancing and road safety.
  • If your house is on the route, please consider moving your car into your driveway to allow us as much room as possible during the parade.
  • If possible, walking or biking to where you plan on viewing the parade (to help us keep vehicle traffic as light as possible).
  • Some staff members will be traveling by vehicle and some will be travelling on bicycles. Although we will go as slow as possible, please help your children be mindful of the traffic in the parade.

Although we would have loved to be able to give out high-fives and hugs, we will have to settle for the opportunity to wave to you from afar. Please see the map below for details about our route. We are excited to see you. Again, please know that unfortunately not everyone was able to make it due to timing. Some staff members have to send their regrets. We will do our best to send some messages to you on their behalf. 

Beach Grove and Sandpiper Preschool Parade Map FULL PDF

Hope to see you on Friday!

Mark Douangchanh

Principal, Beach Grove Elementary