January 31,2017
Dear Parents/Guardians:
It has been quite noticeable since the Christmas break, that some of the procedures that we have
put in place to keep both students and parents safe are not being followed.This letter is to remind parents of the importance of school and district procedures regarding safety.
  1. As you all know parking on 17A Avenue is not permitted as this area is for drop off and pick up only between the hours of 8:00am and 3:30 pm but specifically during the key drop off and pick up times. Also please adhere to the following:A. Follow the safe route to school.(See map on back) There are two safe options. Driversare asked to drive north on Beach Grove Road and west on 17A or drive along 58A, turningwest on 17A. Parking areas are marked on the map.Braid Ave is the safe route for pedestrians, bikes, scooters and rollerblades. Please avoid driving and parking on Braid Ave before and after school.

    B. Slow down! The speed limit for all of Beach Grove is 30 km/h. Be aware and be respectful of our young crossing guards who are guiding students across the street. Crossing guards are on duty from 8:30 until 8:45 am and from 3:00 until 3:15 pm.

    C. Pull over safely to drop off students. Please do not double park or let students jump out of the vehicle in the middle of the street. This puts children and drivers in danger.

  2. We are asking that any parents coming into the school, sign in at the front and put on a visitor’s badge. When parents sign in we know who is in the building, which is important for two reasons:A. It is necessary that office staff and teachers be able to see who enters the building. If all adults enter through the front door, an intruder will be easy to recognize.

    B. We also have to account for the chance of a natural disaster. If someone has signed in, we know that they are in the building, and will be looked for if the need for a search arises.

  3. While it is wonderful to take the time to walk your children to school, it is important that you say good-­‐bye to your children before they enter the under cover area, and leave them to line up on their own. We are asking this for reasons of safety and to foster independence. If there is a need to bring your child inside due to extreme circumstances, we ask that you come in through the front door and sign in.
  4. We are also asking all children to sign in and sign out when they are entering and exiting the school grounds once classes are in session or during lunch when staff are on their lunch break. Again this allows us to monitor who is on the school property.
Staff members will ask all adults in the school without a visitor’s badge to return to the office, sign
in and receive a badge and will ask parents to wait outside the undercover area.
We hope that you understand the significance of these procedures and cautionary measures
as they are for the safety of your child and yourselves.
Thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of Beach Grove students.
Mr. Rick Hall