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School Reopens! Welcome Back!

September 6, 2022 @ 8:45 am to 12:20 pm

Welcome back, Beach Grove!

The staff has worked hard over the past few weeks to set up a great return to school.  We look forward to seeing familiar faces and greeting new ones this year.  Everyone was emailed a “Welcome Back” letter the last week in August with opening details.  Below are just a few essential things from that letter.


8:45 am Welcome Bell

8:50 am Classroom Instruction

10:30 – 10:45 am – RECESS (This time change is only for day one and day 2 to accommodate the new K-Expos)

12:20 pm- Dismissal.  All new students will go back to the gym for dismissal, and new students are asked to show their families where they line up for day 2.


  1. All returning students (not including our new K students) will go to their old classroom line-up area (their previous year’s line-up to meet their previous year’s teacher or a staff member) – Chairs will be set up with signs indicating last year’s teacher.
  2. All new students will go to the gym and be taken to an age-appropriate classroom for the week.  At the 12:20 pm dismissal.  New students will go back to the gym to meet their families.  New students will show their families where they will line up for the week.

K-Expos DAY1 (September 6th) and DAY 2 (September 7th) 

  • Please refer to the June Kindergarten Letter welcoming our new youngest students for more details –  JUNE KINDERGARTEN LETTER LINK.
  • New Kindergarten Parents are asked to attend the K-Expos on September 6th and 7th.

K-Expo Arrival Times by Last Name: 

  • Group #1- Last name A-J Tuesday, September 6th & Wednesday, September 7th, 9:45-10:15 am
  • Group #2- Last name K-U Tuesday, September 6th & Wednesday, September 7th, 11:00-11:30 am

Finally, we know that we are back to a somewhat “regular” school year.  But we ask that all families review some of the respiratory etiquette we’ve been practicing over the years:

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  2. Cough into your elbow
  3. Sneeze into a tissue, dispose of tissue and wash hands
  4. Wash hands before and after eating
  5. Please use the health check form to ensure your child is well enough for school.  If sick, please have your child stay home.  If sick at school, we will call for them to be picked up.
  6. Students may wear a mask, should they choose.  We are excited to welcome families back to the school but ask parents/guardians to consider making an appointment first.

This is going to be a fantastic school year.  We cannot wait to learn alongside the students and see everyone grow.  We’ll see you on Tuesday, September 6th.


Beach Grove