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June, 2016

Summer is getting closer, and the students of Beach Grove are enjoying opportinities to get outside and explore. Both students and staff have been actively engaged in an a wide array of authentic learning experiences and the results of their efforts are obvious. Students of all ages are able to demonstrate deep understandings, developed through the rich learning opportunities that are occurring. 

There have been so many exciting moments here at Beach Grove during the 2015/2016 school year. Students have participated in cross country meets demonstrating sportsmanship that any principal would be proud of. Many of these students have continued running in the morning Running Club, supporting healthy habits for both the body and the mind. A group of grade 7 students participated in "WE Day" - an event created to remind our youth to look beyond their everyday environments, at the needs of others in our world. This group is demonstrating leadership throughout the school and are raising money for the Tekera School in Africa. Halloween brought with it a fabulous array of costumes and we all enjoyed our parade and sing-along. Intermediate students at Beach Grove were lucky to have participated in "Justice Theatre" where they learned what justice means in Canada and participated in a mock trial. The volleyball season and basketball season wrapped up, with our grade 6 and 7 students continuing to demonstrate great skill and sportsmanship. To support students in their understanding of mindfulness, we enjoyed six weeks of yoga by a visiting yoga instructor. The concept of mindfulness and self - regulation were further developed through the Zones of Regulation program being taught at all grade levels. We had a presentation and day of learning lead by an expert Hoop Dancer (an aboriginal form of dance),and then continued to demonstrate our dancing expertise with a week of hip-hop and a show. Our track team worked hard to train throughout the spring and their hard work and determination paid off. Finally, the spellathon run by our WE Day group raised over $6000 for children in Tekera School who now can eat porridge for the next three years - the most important meal of the day.

 As the year progresses, you may view some of our past learning moments and keep up-to-date with what is happening at Beach Grove, by taking the time to view our school blog. Here you will find photos and videos which will hopefully give you a glimpse of some of the unique learning experiences our students are having both within and beyond our school walls. We would like to reach you with news in any way that we can, and will be providing updates on activities occuring throughout the school year with our twitter account @BeachGroveElem.

At Beach Grove we are dedicated to support students with teaching practices that we know to have the deepest impact on learning. "Inquiry' and "Innovation" are words that you will continue to hear as we travel through the 2015 - 2016 school year. We have five classrooms working with a Reggio inspired approach to Inquiry, and are very excited with the physical changes we have made to these learning environments, amongst others. Assessment and evaluation practices are changing to allow you, as parents and guardians, and your child, to have a deeper understanding of how he/she learns, and what they can do to do improve their approach to learning. Teachers are working together to discover new and better ways to teach math, and we are using the beautiful environment outside of our school walls to create more authentic learning experiences. Students are also being asked to become more aware of the effect that their actions have on the environment, and a strong emphasis will continue to be placed on environmental issues and sustainability at all grade levels.

The BC Ministry of Education has unfolded a new format for all curriculums with a focus on the competencies that students are developing.  We are embracing developments in education here at Beach Grove and are committed to offering students the best educational experience possible. You can explore these changes yourself by looking at BC Ministry of Education website.

For students who like to run, the running/ cross country club will begin on the second week of school and will continue every Monday and Wednesday morning (students may join at any time and come on either or both days). I believe strongly that exercise supports positive physical and mental health, and like to take students out personally. We meet at 7:50 to warm up and stretch, and then head out to the dyke to run and watch the sun rise over the water.                            

As we travel through the 2015-2016 school year together, please remember that my door is always open. I am dedicated to ensuring that your children receive the social, academic, artistic and physical education that they deserve, and I welcome your opinions on the vision for Beach Grove.  I look forward to continuing to work together to ensure that our students obtain the best education possible, allowing them to feel successful in the present and ready for the future that awaits them.


Rachael Corneil                                                                                  
Principal,                                                                                                               Beach Grove Elementary